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Dear Member, I donít often send out notices about web sites, but I feel Electrical Contractor Network offers some unique features at no cost that I think some of you might be interested in taking advantage of.
God Bless, Mike
1. Electrical Contractor Network (http://www.electrical-contractor.net/) provides a free service that promotes Licensed Electrician/Electrical Contractors by offering Electrician-Finder (http://www.electrician-finder.com/), which is a searchable database of Electrical contractors for a consumer to locate an electrical contractor near them. The database contains over 60,000 businesses across the US it is searchable by Area code, zip code or Company Name. I encourage you to visit the site and verify that the information contained about your company is correct and current.
The basic listing is FREE to all Licensed Electricians and Electrical Contractors, (Estimators, PEs are also welcome). There is also an "Enhanced" option available for only $10 and I canít think of a better deal.
2. Another service offered by Electrical Contractor Network is the Electrical-Supplies-Finder (http://www.electrical-supplies-finder.com/), which is a searchable database of Wholesale Electrical Suppliers and Distributors. Suppliers are urged to visit this site to provide info pertaining to their business so that they can be searchable by Products sold, Specialty items, - etc.
3. The Electrical Contractor Network also offers direct access to its popular databases - the Electrician-Finder and the Electrical-Supplies-Finder FREE to compatible web sites. By allowing other sites to integrate with their searchable databases (Iím using it on my site, just added it today), it gives the hosting Websites a valuable resource to help attract new, and repeat visitors to their sites. For more information and sample forms visit: http://www.electrician-finder.com/affiliate_Forms.htm

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"Coooooool-great for a New Contractor and the old as well. THANKS!!!!"

"Just passing thru like what I see,,,,,, Great idea will be back soon looking for electricians."


"great site guys. will be a regular visitor now."

"Very interesting. I've found a lot of useful information here. Would like to know I can get involved in this organization."

"great site. what more can i say!"

"This is a tremendous site."

"Great site, keep expanding! How about leaving some room for the Canadian contractors. We exist, some great Canuck electricians around.'

"everything that was listed that i searched for was very good and at my finger tips, its a wonderful site for someone like me. I am a electrical estimator & project manager. thanks again for making it easy."

"great web page! amusing code violations .i'm glad my code instructor gave me this address!!"

"i wish i'd found you sooner. good dept., good info, we just can't stop learning in this field, if we stop expanding, we die. i bet i hit this space at least twice a week if not more."

"Great site, I will tell others in the trade to check it out."

"Thank goodness I finally found your site. I was beginning to believe that electrical contractors were adversaries rather than allies. I'll use your site regularly!"

"This is so neat ! Thank you ! Sites like yours make me say " Yes, this is why we have the internet.""

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