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The Electrical Contractor Network

   The Electrical Contractor Network services are provided for use by the public. Although we have made reasonable efforts to obtain accurate information, independent verification of the information has not been made. The Contractors' and Suppliers' Listings are derived largely from Telephone Listings, their own submissions, and other publicly available sources. We do not guarantee or assert that any of these contractors are licensed to perform work in your area. Since licensing & permit regulations vary widely across the country, you should check with your local county for applicable regulations. As with any home contract work we suggest that you verify any contractors licenses & check references prior to the start of work in your home or business. We do not Endorse any products or information contained in Links or Advertisements. These exist here solely for the Entertainment and Information of the Participant.  We (The Electrical Contractor Network, and those associated with it) assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this information, or to any claims or losses resulting from the use of such information.

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